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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

 You’ve done your research and you’ve made an educated decision: luxury vinyl flooring has everything you want and need in flooring. So, what comes next? At Oshawa Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re the ones you can turn to when it’s time to make a changes within your favourite residential and commercial spaces. Whether you need some smart advice on your self-installation, or wish to schedule a visit from our professional installers, we can help you make it happen.


Ask a Professional


Your new flooring will represent a significant investment. Its installation can be a critical step: not only in determining the lifespan of your new floor, but also affecting your long-term property value. If your luxury vinyl flooring installation is conducted incorrectly, the outcome might not be what you’d hoped for. Installation mistakes can even cause your floor to grow old before its time, and such damages might not be covered by your warranty.


If you’re still determined to take matters into your own hands, there’s plenty of good news. With a little patience, research, and determination, those in the know can successfully install their floor and luxury vinyl flooring is made with you in mind. Since some varieties of luxury vinyl are made to click together for a floating floor, it is possible to install without any glue or adhesives in some cases.


Best Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation Services


For those who prefer to leave major renovations up to the professionals, we’re here to help you. Our installers boast several decades of collective experience and all are trained in the latest products and innovations. We have the skills and tools needed to get each installation completely efficiently, safely, and right to your specifications- and at little inconvenience to you.


Luxury Vinyl Installs

Preparing for Luxury Vinyl Installations

Preparing for Luxury Vinyl Installations


Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself- and your installers- as you prepare for your new luxury vinyl floor.



Professional Room Measure


Need measurements for your new luxury vinyl flooring? We’re happy to come to your home or office and take measurements, then give you a FREE project estimate. Sound good? Details here:




Professional Room Measure


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